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Japanese Mail Order Brides: Goddesses of Asia

They are beautiful, sweet, and hot. But such a simplistic description may be a bit offensive. Japanese mail order brides are the ladies of sophisticated nature. They have complex personalities and a lot of features that make them not only the perfect Japanese hot wives but also great partners.


How a traditional Japanese mail order bride looks?

Some men, who are interested in the Japanese brides marriage, want to know what values of those women will be good for life together. We will tell you a lot about these girls’ roles in the family, and open some info about their personal features too.T

hese stunning women have an impressive appearance. Their pale porcelain skin, chocolate eyes, and contrastive black hair make them look gentle and womanish. They know how to behave for the men to fall in love with them in a minute.

Do you know Geisha’s art? Those ladies were the embodiments of the art and performed it with talent. Those Japanese women knew how to dance to charm all the men near. They knew how to talk and keep silence to win the attention of men. They knew how to play musical instruments, wear clothes, and just look like goddesses.

Do you want such a wife?

Read on to learn more about the modern geishas.

The portrait of a traditional Japanese mail order bride

Asia is not the center of the world dating industry. But, some men are seeking for Asian women, in particular. It happens because these men understand how unique and interesting their lives can become with such a beauty in the house.

Hardworking. The Asians are famous for their hardworking nature, and Japanese women are the best example of that feature. These girls are very energetic and love to do everything by their hands. By the way, they do everything with the speed of light. It happens because they are usually very busy: there are so many things that they have planned to do for today!

Well-educated. Education is nearly the most important part of life in Japan. The whole life may depend on how a person was studying at school. If you are interested in the Japanese culture, you could see that a lot of their movies are filled with the school theme. If your Japanese bride was the president of the school board, you could be sure that all your life will be in perfect order. And, you will always find a topic to discuss, because all the Japanese women have a good intelligent background!

Beautiful. Asian beauty is unique. The gentle fairies, who seem to fly instead of ordinary walking, attract the eyes of anyone. They will charm you with their light gestures and high voices. You will be inspired by this feminine nature and sunny disposition.

Strong. Japanese history was difficult, and Japanese women had to become strong to survive in a world full of dangers. This habit preserved till modern time. If you are looking for a Japanese girl for marriage, you should understand that she might be stronger than all the women you have known. Japanese ladies express their power through positive thinking and a bit of dominance. You should be ready to show that you are stronger than she is, and then she will relax and give you her heart.

Patient. The famous reserved temper of Japanese mail order brides does not prevent men from a happy life with these beauties. If you feel tiredness from the temperamental and wild women, calm and patient Japanese lady will become your savior.

Cute. This is one of the most noticeable features of Japanese girls. All of them are insanely cute! All those sweet smiles and facial expressions can melt any cold heart. Japanese women know how to highlight their appearance by a bit of childish behavior. Additionally, they often wear very cute clothes that make them look like the nice princesses.

Loyal. This is a traditional feature. All the honorable women remain loyal to their men, but the Japanese women have absorbed this principle with his mother's milk. They tend to preserve the family as long, as it is possible, trying to solve all the problems that may appear in a couple. Such behavior is inspiring for their men, so the cheating is almost impossible to appear in the marriage with a Japanese wife.

Japanese brides: marriage

In Japan, there used to be a belief in a goddess named Amaterasu. This goddess was a powerful woman, who controlled the sun and ruled eight million gods. There was an idea that time that Japanese women are the embodiments of Amaterasu. They were considered as the beautiful creatures, who could do miracles and speak with gods.

The modern interpretation of that idea is simple: women were highly respected in Japan at that time, and they are respected now. So, the first thought that you should always keep in mind is that your wife will ask you for the proper attitude. Otherwise, she will leave you, because it is hard for these prideful women to stand such an offense as total disrespect.

This does not mean that you should hold her in your arms like a treasure. You should only understand that she has feelings and desires and pay attention to it. She will do the same, as it is an inherited part of a Japanese mail order bride’s soul.

So, the first thing that you will feel in the marriage with a Japanese woman is respect.

Japanese wives features

How good your wife at housekeeping. A traditional Japanese woman loves to keep the house cozy, clean, and warm! It is the ordinary activity for them, but they do this with smile and pleasure. And, that your sweet smiling wife will wait for you at home every day with a tasty meal and understanding that you are tired. Just imagine how wonderful it will be to return home and see such happiness there!

What a perfect mother she is. Asian girls adore kids! They pamper them and try to pay as much attention to the children as it is possible. In Japan, there is another principle of raising the children: it is a bit more pampering than in Western countries. You may think this pampering to be spoiling kids, but it can be discussed - modern Japanese girls are open-minded and are ready to changes.

How hot she is. Japanese women are sweet, adorable, nice... And very sexy. But, you will never see the sexual energy and temper of a woman if you only saw her several times. Japanese hot wives behave flirty only with their husbands. Do you remember that they are loyal and pretty reserved with the new friends?

How much she loves traditional family roles. These girls love the family with the woman as the queen of the hearth, and the man as the protector and earner. They suppose such a hierarchy to be the most harmonic and natural. If you share these ideas, a Japanese lady will be the perfect match for you. However, some of the Japanese hot wives would like to work and grow professionally.

How long she can be young and energetic. This may be a genetic feature, but the Japanese women (using the magic, probably) can stay young for long. They may look like a 20-year-old girl in their 40. Such a phenomenon may take place not only because of the genes but because of their care about themselves, moral and physical.

How much she cares. Japanese mail order brides know how to make the life of their men amazing. This is an art, and these girls know how to perform it. You will be showered with love and attention if you marry a Japanese woman.

A Japanese lady is an amazing party for life. If you want to marry a Japanese girl, you will get an ideal feminine woman by your side. She will love you to the Moon and back and will care about you as much, as it is only possible.

Are there any pitfalls in marriage with a Japanese bride?

  1. It is hard for a Japanese woman to combine the traditional family role as a wife and the modern society role as a woman. If you want to support her, give her the time to get accustomed to life with a foreigner.
  2. Japan is a quite reserved and close country with its own customs. The Western people hardly understand Eastern culture. But it will be easy to do for you if you listen to your wife. Japanese women are not very talkative. But you can create a comfortable atmosphere for her to start talking about everything that disturbs her.
  3. These women are quite persistent and tend to win in discussions. You should be direct when expressing your thoughts; this is ordinary for the Asian people to talk honestly. If you talk in code, your wife will think that you have nothing against her ideas and make a decision by herself.
  4. The Japanese brides marriage may seem to be difficult because of the language issue. Asian people usually do not know foreign languages, and to learn one of the Asian languages is a very hard task. But, modern Japanese ladies love to learn English, and they usually have basic knowledge. Additionally, you may always hire an interpreter or teacher for your woman.
  5. Some men are afraid of marrying Japanese mail order brides because they think that their families will not accept a foreigner. But, the situation is different. The contemporary generations do not think about interracial marriages as about something bad. You can marry a woman you love and forget about illusory superstitions.
  6. You may get some troubles if you love to drink. There is a hard situation with the Japanese men, who tend to consume a lot of alcohol. The foreigners are so attractive to the Japanese ladies because of their healthy lifestyle. If you have an alcohol addiction, you’d better not to get one of the Japanese hot wives.

To sum up

If you are looking for Japanese girl for marriage, the dating services may help you to find a Japanese wife. If you realize that your intentions are serious and your heart is struggling for the love, beauty of Asia may end up your struggles. A strong, pretty, and energetic girl can make everyone happy.

Now, answer: do you want to become happy?

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